On-Site Management

This full-service hi-rise building offers the personal attention of on-site management, 24-hour concierge service, valet parking attendants, and cabana staff, together with the convenience of direct private beach access, a heated pool, and an in-house restaurant, making the Imperial House more than just a place to live, but a place to experience joy.

We provide the ideal environment to build a home around luxury, comfort and security. With limited opportunities to own here, don’t miss your chance to experience the joy of the Imperial House.

Building Manager | Paul Rance

building manager

​For over 20 years, Mr. Rance has been committed to the care, maintenance, and operation of the Imperial House. As Building Manager, Mr. Rance oversees administrative tasks and ensures that all internal needs of the Association are met, from managing all Association employees to supervising all construction projects.  His dedicated, hands-on efforts help maintain a luxury living environment while promoting a sense of security for residents.

See the Building Manager for assistance with the following:

  • Initial meetings with new residents or prospective buyers to go over all rules, regulations, and policies of the Association
  • Approval for all renovation plans
  • Reserving the service elevator for moving into or out of the building
  • Any problems or concerns with the building, services, or staff members
Office Manager | ​Robin Shalom

office manager

In addition to basic office duties, Ms. Shalom also assists with the financial and operational management of the Association, often dealing with outside vendors such as contractors and insurance companies. Robin is always available to residents as an informational resource for matters within the Imperial House.  Should a resident have a question, Robin is happy to offer her assistance or connect the resident with the right person or plan of action that will lead to a solution.

See the Office Manager for assistance with the following:

  • Paying monthly maintenance fees
  • Obtaining copies of Association forms
  • Submitting forms and applications for Association services, like reserving the Card Room for a private party
  • Applying for car and bicycle permits
  • Notarizing documents