Betsy Brown, Secretary

BetsyBrownthmbElizabeth “Betsy” Brown has lived at Imperial House for 5 years and is a year-round resident. She was born in Staten Island, NY, where she graduated from St. Joseph By The Sea High School. She also attended the college of Staten Island and Palm Beach State College.

She then resided in Palm Beach County, Florida, where she graduated from the Police Academy and was appointed Deputy Sheriff. In 1990, Ms. Brown retired, in good standing, from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, to assume a managerial position and part ownership of the family business, Thomas J. Brown & Sons, Inc. In 2011 Ms. Brown relocated to Imperial House in Long Branch, NJ, commuting to her family business employment on Staten Island.

In 2012, Ms. Brown sold her interest in the family business and subsequently commenced her current employment with George Harms Construction Co. Inc. in Farmingdale, NJ.

Ms. Brown has served on the Board of Directors of the branch of the YMCA with an annual budget of 15M. She also served as chair of several fund raising sub-committees of that organization. In addition, Ms. Brown was elected a District Committee Person of the Richmond County Republican Party.

Ms. Brown’s other interests include skiing, scuba diving, bicycling and horseback riding and has been an active member and competitor in the National Rodeo Association barrel racing events.