Dr. Van Brown, Board Member

Greetings to all voting members of the Imperial House;

  • My name is Van Madison Brown, and I have been here since the front doors of the building were opened for occupancy in the summer of 1973.
  • Every summer of my life since then, I have been here enjoying the Jersey Shore.
  • I am a graduate of N.Y.U. college of Dentistry and I have a dental practice in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan on 35th street and Madison Avenue.
  • I am married to my wife Claire and our primary residence is in New York City. (@Waterside Plaza)
  • I am a member of Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity which promotes dental education in Israel.
  • I was Bar-Mitzvahed at Central Synagogue where I attend services for the High Holy Days.
  • I am a charter resident of 787 Ocean avenue, when my father passed away my wife and I purchased our corner unit from my mother and we enjoy our cabana, the pool and the beach area.
  • I take great pride in our beach and as a board member I would strive to keep it clean, dog free, and restore the width every summer.
  • I am very much content with our building manager Mr. Rance and his assistant Robin. I would like for them to continue their care of our building.
  • I believe the luxury status of our building is important to keep up!
  • Our convenient restaurant, our newly remodeled gym, the private tennis court and our scenic entrance; also valet parking facility are what makes living here so pleasurable.

As a board member I would continue steering our building to follow in its glorious history as a superlative building here on our Beautiful Jersey Shore.